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Anant Sales Corporation has been a leading  company  since 2011. We   offer products such as Computers, storage and peripheral devices for desktop  servers and Laptops , we also provide solutions  to enhance your systems performance  and give unconditional support for your problems.

Anant sales Corporations Are Authorized importer and Brand Owner  of M-data .m-data is a ssd drive with high quality nand used to manufacture the drive. M-DATA also have apple supported NVMe ssd drive



Experience the true speed of your  Desktops and Laptop with an M-Data SSD Flash storage. M-Data SATA SSD offers Low to High capacity in all form factors such as SATA , M.2, M-SATA, NVMe


Speed up your system, increase more ram for quick response, multitask with ease, with a reliable desktop memory and laptop memory. DDR2, DDR3, DDR4 ECC, ECC REGISTER.

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